This January I’m setting out to photograph my own children every day. You can follow the daily images on  Facebook. Once a week I’ll post here with the stories behind the images. A little like Project 365 I did in 2011 but this time all about the little ones, and only during January. My fellow photographer, and friend, Sarah Brown will be doing the same. We live in very different parts of Australia so it will be interesting to see the contrast between our children’s lives over the next 4 weeks. You can follow Sarah’s blog here.

This project is coming to an end.  I have really enjoyed taking time each day to record just a snippet of what my little loves get up to.Here is the weekly wrap up!

January 21 | 3:08pm

The girls are with their Dad this week. It is so quiet without them so Isaac & I went to visit today. It is 50 days until we leave for our holiday to America so we decided to make a count down calendar. Because there are 50 stars on the American flag we will add a star a day until we reach 50 & then it will be time to go! California, San Diego & Santa Monica here we come!


January 22 | 8:25pm

The kids went for their usual Tuesday night dinner with my Mum tonight. She dropped Isaac off first so the girls got to see me before going back to Mark’s place. Here is Isaac kissing Asha goodbye. My little boy loves with his whole being & said to Asha ‘lemme just kiss your face Shar’. He adores his sisters. Yes, he also argues, fights & screams at them but he loves them dearly too.


January 23 | 8:13pm

It is no secret that Isaac idolizes his Daddy. We went to the gym tonight & as we were leaving he decided to climb up on Chris’ back for a few push ups.


January 24 | 1:34pm

Super hot today so my boys cooled off with a water gun fight in the backyard. (quietly thankful for pushups with Isaac’s added weight…how buff is my Hubby?!)


January 25 | 7:47pm

Yay, the girls came home today & the usual chaos ensued. I asked them to stand against the wall & do whatever they liked. I promised myself I would take one frame only. This is what they did. Hilarious little lot they are.


January 26 | 8:28pm

We went to the local Summer Sounds concert tonight for Australia Day. Was most relaxing lying on the grass listening to bands while the kids played with school friends. Bai won the lolly guessing competition & was super proud of herself.


January 27 | 9:18am

The boy covered himself in stickers this morning & announced that ‘when I am a big boy I want this many tattoos’. HIs career as Spiderman or a Police Officer may be in jeopardy.

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