I am so excited to finally launch my brand new website and blog. It has been a long time in the making with more than a few hiccups along the way, but we are HERE!
Hugest thank you to the wonderful Amber from Sprowt Graphic Design for doing an awesome job pulling my ideas together & creating this brand new space for me (oh and calming me down when she was on holidays and my site crashed!) And also to my gorgeous friends Sheye and Chrissy for helping me at all hours of the day and night.

I have been so busy with lots of beautiful sessions lately and can’t wait to share them here but I will start with a project I do each January. Every day for the month of January I take images of my children and share one black and white photo a day over on my facebook and Instagram pages.

Here are the first 10 installments from this January.

This boy has always been able to sleep anywhere, anytime. Nothing has changed and a big NYE saw Isaac crashed out on the lounge for an afternoon nap.




Jude loves the bath and is learning to sit by himself. I love watching him splash around and reach for his toys.




Bailea loves to cook. She was such an awesome help to me getting ready for Jude’s 1st birthday party. How cute are the pirate bananas she made for the babies!




Happy Birthday to the sweetest baby boy I know. What a year. You have taught me so much Jude Maxwell. I love being your mama. We celebrated with family and friends at the pool. Asha was lucky enough to steal a rare kiss from you.




I love that Jude and I still get to enjoy these quiet moments together. The other children all weaned themselves by now but Jude is showing no signs of wanting to stop breastfeeding and that is fine by me.




We visited Jude’s buddy Bobby in hospital today. This baby is the bravest boy in the world. We love him and will be his cheer squad always.




Waiting for Daddy to get home from work these two crazy kids had a dance off. We were all in hysterics over their sprinkler and Gangnam style remix.




Jude has been unwell pretty much since he was born. He has spent many a day and night in hospital. I have lost count of the specialists and Doctors who have helped us. We are getting closer to a diagnosis and his early intervention treatments continue daily. He had more tests this week at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. It is always such a humbling experience to walk through there. Many people give you a warm, knowing smile, others have their head down and hurry past, their faces full of worry and grief. Jude always charms the pathology staff who by some miracle draw blood from my baby regularly without him flinching. How is that even possible?




The girls went to their Dad’s place for the week and Isaac & I hung out watching Sofia the first & eating eggies & toast for dinner.




Isaac followed me around upstairs today while I cleaned, wiping away & admiring his handy work. The bath is a nightmare to clean because it is so deep so when he jumped at the chance I was all for it too!



Lots more photos to come including an awesome shoot with my gorgeous friend Marcia, the wonder mummy behind Not So Mumsy

Lea x

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