I have learnt that the reason we remember big moments in our lives so clearly is because at that time adrenalin is pumping wildly through your body.

I could not tell you what I was doing this time last week, but I can recall with complete clarity the moment, many years ago that I found out this beautiful girl was to be born.

Her Mumma and I have been best friends since we were 12 years old.

I remember sitting on a bus on my way home from work, fresh out of high school, when my oversized Nokia phone rang.

It was Kylie & her first words “I am pregnant”.

From that day forward everything changed. We became ‘responsible’ :p (stop laughing Kylie). Ok, so we may have slipped up a few times & especially so when we decided to runaway. Kylie & I packed up Jessica’s sizeable wardrobe & all the baby food in the house. We were headed to QLD for a fresh start. We got as far as Taree before we realised we did not have a spoon to feed this poor child with, so I fashioned one out of an arrowroot biscuit. Just a short time later we managed to burn the clutch out in Kylie’s car and with our heads hanging low made the long trip back to Sydney.

After Jessica was born, I spent many a pay packet down to the last dollar because there was something she.had.to.have. Be it a super cute size 0000 baby denim jacket or the entire set of jumbo Pooh Bear stuffed toys. ¬†She was loved then & now, 13 years later, nothing has changed. Look at her. I can’t believe it. 13 years old today. With 6 kids between Kylie & I now aged 2-13 I still can’t believe they are all ours. Jessica has grown into such a beautiful young lady & my friend what a credit she is to you. Your road to motherhood started much earlier than mine & I just hope that when Bailea turns 13 she is half the girl you have raised.

Happy Birthing Day to you & Happy 13th Birthday to the ever gorgeous Jess.

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